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Ricardo Abengozar Muela


On the 4th of July 2014, a Sattelite Symposium on Bioethics was held during The First Annual Conference and Awards Ceremony of The European Society For Person Centered Healthcare, including a simple act of homage to Dr. Edmund Pellegrino.

The necessity for training in medical ethics and bioethics is increasingly well acknowledged by both medical practitioners, medical students and indeed patients. This observation led to the Spanish CEEM (Consejo Estatal de Estudiantes de Medicina, España), in co-operation with The National Conference of Deans of Faculties of Medicine of Spain (Conferencia Nacional de Decanos de las Facultades de Medicina, España) and the OMC (Organización Médica Colegial) to create a guide entitled “Ethical Recommendations for Clinical Practice.”


Bioethics, Catholicism, Christianity, compassion, empathy, Edmund Pellegrino, ethical sensitivity, ethics, humanism, humanity medical virtues, morality in medicine, person-centered healthcare, person-centered medicine, physician-patient relationship

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