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Knowledge and Awareness about Osteoporosis among Jordanian Women

Eman Alefishat, Hana Hammad, Mayada Shehadeh, Sana Ramadan, Tariq Mukattash


Objectives: Although osteoporosis is now recognized as a major health problem in Jordan, there is limited information on public perceptions, awareness and knowledge of osteoporosis. The aim of this study was therefore to assess awareness, perception and factors affecting osteoporosis knowledge in female patients in Jordan.

Methods and study design: The study was a cross-sectional correlation study. A total of 309 Jordanian women were recruited through this study.

Main outcome measures: Participant knowledge was largely assessed using the Osteoporosis Questionnaire (OPQ).

Results: The mean total score was 9.26 (SD ± 3.67; range 0 to 18; maximum possible score 20). Eighty five percent of the sample had heard of osteoporosis and 49.2% knew the correct definition of osteoporosis. Bivariate and multivariate regression analysis showed that women with a higher level of education, or who were single had significantly higher osteoporosis knowledge score. The majority of the participants were unaware of the beneficial effects that hormone replacement therapy (HRT) has on preventing the progression of osteoporosis.

Conclusions: Our results highlight the importance of involving health authorities and physicians in public education efforts in order to improve knowledge as well as maintain the quality and reliability of information provided to patients on osteoporosis. The characterization of existing patient knowledge on osteoporosis and the consideration of efforts to increase it is an important contribution to patient education and empowerment and thus to person-centered healthcare.


Osteoporosis, Knowledge, Risk factors, awareness, Jordanian women

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