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Oncology providers’ evaluation of the use of a prostate cancer treatment decision aid versus usual information provision: Results from the PCPCC trial

Maarten Cuypers, Romy E D Lamers, Paul J M Kil, Lonneke V van de Poll-Franse, Marieke de Vries


Objective: To compare care providers’ evaluations of an online prostate cancer treatment decision aid (DA) to an evaluation of usual information routines.

Methods: Oncology care providers (urologists and nurses, n=108) enrolled in the intervention (DA) or control (standard information) arm of a cluster randomized controlled trial were invited to fill out an online questionnaire to evaluate working with the DA or to evaluate usual information provision. Response rate was 58% (n=63). 

Results: The DA was provided to 368 patients and distributing care providers were supportive of the DA content and usability. Satisfaction (1-10) with the DA or standard information was comparable (M=7.8 vs M=8.1, p=0.14), although in the control arm, care providers perceived that patients already receive too much information. Time barriers were not expected or perceived. All care providers involved felt suitable to distribute DAs. Care providers with DA experience were more supportive of including DAs in clinical guidelines.

Conclusion: Care providers were satisfied with the DA and reported no time barriers. However, many care providers are already satisfied with standard information materials and fear overloading patients with information.


Barriers, clinical communication, decisional conflict, enablers, health innovation, health literacy, healthcare providers’ evaluations, implementation, information provision, patient decision aids, patient satisfaction, person-centered healthcare, prostat

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