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Knowledge about and experience with tuberculosis by students and their parents in China: physical and psychological pain and overall health burden

Shaoru Zhang, Xiangni Wang, Xiaohong Li, Zhen Cui, Yuelu Li, Xing Wang


Background: China still has serious epidemics of tuberculosis (TB). As a special group, high school students have become a high-risk population for TB. This disease not only brings physical and psychological pain to the TB students, but it is also a heavy burden on their parents.

Objectives: To ascertain TB awareness, feelings about and perceptions of TB among high school TB students and their parents.

Methods: This study combined quantitative and qualitative methods. The qualitative interviews were held with 22 TB students and their parents. The framework method was used for analysis of the interview data.

Results: There was a lack of general understanding about TB by both students and their parents. Their daily lives were deeply affected by TB. TB interrupted the students’ studies and the students were eager to be restored to health in order to return to school as quickly as possible. Under the stress of work, caring for sick children and also economic and psychological pressure, parents had a feeling of lack of time and energy; at the same time, they were concerned about their children’s health and education.

Conclusions: Lack of general knowledge about TB resulted in great psychological pressure on both TB students and their parents. Schools and health institutions need to provide timely information about prevention in order to encourage sick students to actively fight against the disease, relieve pressure on parents through psychological guidance and reduce the adverse effects caused by the disease.


Feelings and perceptions, high school students, parents, parental caring, person-centered healthcare, physical pain, psychological pain, psychosocial damage, student suffering, tuberculosis

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